Content Management Software

Cross Atlantic Brings In An Exclusive Content Management Software

Content management system accompanies all dynamic features due to which users can operate the system at your ease. We being a reliable content management system company bring in the best solutions incorporating which you can get familiar with the exclusive options according to your needs. CMS consists of a set of digital solutions that help you to manage contents easily.

Thus, it helps an organization to handle integrated document management, records retention functionalities, digital asset management etc. ECM software comprises of a WCM publishing functionality and you can explore the excellent options bringing a classic touch to your website.


Important Features of CMS

Some important features of CMS are as following:

  • Format management helps users to convert scanned papers and electronic documents into PDF or HTML format
  • Instinctive indexing helps in indexing all data successfully and thus, you can operate search functions easily. Users can search using specific attributes; for illustration: publication dates, keywords and author.
  • Revision features is another useful feature, which allows contents to be updated and edited after a basic publication ensuring that the final set up is a perfect one. This revision option also detects any changes made by an individual.