At Cross Atlantic Software Pvt. Ltd., we provide consultancy services for API Integration, AWS, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Content Management and SEO/SMO Management across various industry segments. We are equipped with an expert team across worldwide who helps you with an ultimate solution for all of your technology glitches.

API Integration

Through online meetings and onsite workshops, the team at Cross Atlantic Software Pvt. Ltd. helps you with API integration consulting & strategizing. Based on our extensive market research and best-in-class experience, our API Integration consultancy experts help you to define your API strategy and identify the correct metrics for the best outcomes. Your team can leverage the maximum benefits from our expertise and grow your business with maximum efficiency.


Our team of AWS consultants have worked with giant players in various verticals to deliver cutting-edge Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions. We have a proven track record in viability and performance measurement, estimation, optimization and automated business processes and architecture. Our flawless configuration and migration with lower costs and fast deployment of critical and complex workloads on the cloud is what gets the most appreciation from our clients.

Cloud Computing Services

Cross Atlantic Software Pvt. Ltd. offers cloud computing services to help you identify the applications to be hosted in the cloud and the best-fit technologies. Our cloud experts not only help you to identify but also utilize the existing IT infrastructure and to port applications from one platform to another. We strengthen your choice between private, hybrids or community clouds without the complexity of multi-sourcing the clouds.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is new keyword and it is going to remain for forever. AI experts at Cross Atlantic Software Pvt. Ltd. help you identify AI use cases for businesses. We not only help you strategize but also implement custom AI solutions. Our expertise helps the clients to maximize the business success for companies & organizations across a range of industries.

Content Management

We understand how hard it is to comply with the latest trends and guidelines set by Google. Our content experts will help you to manage your content with optimum keyword research analysis, keyword density, long-tail or short-tail keywords and more. Our expertise and hands-on experience with changing Google algorithm will always keep your content in the top ranks of search engines

SEO/SMO Management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) are the top tools to keep you on top of the search engines. With our experts, you can always have our back for the top-notch results. With ever-changing algorithms of Google and other search engines, it becomes tough to stick to one strategy and follow it blindly. Our team will help you in strategizing SEO and SMO for bringing the desired results

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